Production control system TPiCS 4.1 in Thailand! !!

TPiCS 4.1 is newly introduced in Thailand to the popular production control system TPiCS in Japan to realize “fast/cheap/responsive to demand fluctuation but stable production”.

Outline of TPiCS-X Ver4.1

[You can build a system that can respond to customer demands and changes]
■In order to respond to plan changes, including the original MRP logic “f-MRP” and serial number control It is a system that can be used according to the customer, such as the “Production number control option” that makes the most of the advantages while having flexibility, or the production that combines “f-MRP” and “Production number control option”.

■ “Configuration information conversion option” for efficiently importing design information into the production control system, “One item production option” for facilitating arrangements from mastering of individual orders in the field of industrial machinery and plants, In addition to planners, on-site personnel and backyard managers, such as the “start signal option” that improves work efficiency and the “control chart” that enables you to visualize and understand and analyze production status and problems. It can be used by various people such as people.

[Over 296 overseas achievements]
■ English, Chinese, and Vietnamese versions are available, so you can use it safely overseas.
■We also make inquiries and collaborate with local system companies upon request.

Main functions of TPiCS-X

[Calculation of f-MRP requirement]
■This function realizes “fast, cheap, responsive, but stable production”, assuming that there is some repeatability.

[Order/sales control option]
■Register orders and link them seamlessly to production plans. Since product planning and production number planning data can be generated automatically, it is possible to omit the input of these data.

[Manufacturing history control option]
■Create manufacturing history original book data and display the history data. It is possible to manage the history from purchase of raw materials and parts to manufacturing, transfer between warehouses, and shipment.

[Automatic leveling options]
■ in the f-MRP of function but do add on calculations by the manufacturing and delivery lead number of days,
 if you use the automatic leveling options, taking into account the load of the production location and facilities, Ya break mountain Allocate the schedule evenly.

[Department Gantt chart option]
■ You can display the Gantt chart in which the details are aggregated for each department based on the production plan established by the requirement calculation and manufacturing numbers.
 You can move the plan to other departments by dragging and dropping on the Gantt chart, adjust the plan back and forth, divide the plan, and adjust the quantity.

TPiCS is not the only thing that is cheap.

1 Fast and cheap, good response to demand fluctuations
2 However, stable production is possible.

But the purpose of TPiCS.
Instead of being caught up in the traditional way and way of thinking, rethink from the fundamentals of making things,

・Manufacturing with a positive mindset 
・Manufacturing that thinks about how to solve the problem rather than thinking why it cannot be done
・Customer-oriented manufacturing
・Manufacturing to survive as a manufacturing industry

It realizes aggressive production control, not passive production control.
TPiCS was developed with the hope that it will be a powerful weapon for those who manage this aggressive production control.